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Two New Trademarks Filed by Ripple Labs (RippleX)

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Last week, on August 11, 2020, Ripple Labs, Inc. filed for two (2) new trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). One trademark was filed to protect the word "RippleX" whereas the other mark was filed to protect the "RippleX" logo. 


This is the 8th trademark filed by the company in 2020

Ripple Labs, Inc. continues to add to their IP portfolio (always great to see). To date, Ripple has filed for 55 trademarks with the USPTO. 40 of the 55 trademarks are "live" and active whereas 15 are considered "dead" and abandoned by the company. The character mark "XRP" is still owned by the company. 


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3 hours ago, xerxesramesepolybius said:

and of course no connection between Ripple and XRP

That's not the point of trademarks.

It's a sign that "Ripple", the "x" of XRP and the XRP symbol are taking on significant brand value that is likely to be abused by others. The increasing number of trademarks is a sign of a growth company with a view for additional verticals and an eye on brand awareness.

That's always a great sign from my perspective.

Thanks @brjXRP17 for this great work again.

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5 hours ago, xerxesramesepolybius said:

and of course no connection between Ripple and XRP

What's your point?  Ripple are quite clear that their preferred DA is XRP and that they own a lot of it, and they have an interest in expanding the XRP ecosystem.  They have also made the XRPL decentralised and open-sourced.  XRP has a life that is independent of Ripple. 

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