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claim spark alternative - ihilda


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Today Weitse Wind announced the release of a tool that helps people claim their spark. It's very simple. Simply submit an account set transaction with a "message key" that is a valid ethereum address of which you have the signing key. 

Account set transaction

A "message key" is simply any key that the user wants associated with their account. Such as a pgp key. 

The ihilda wallet does support setting a message key. I will test on the test net later today and verify it's working as it's should. The ihilda wallet does NOT contain a library for verifying ethereum wallets meaning the user must be certain that the "message key" that they supply is a valid ethereum address, otherwise if they misstype the ethereum (flare) address the wallet will not warn them.

The good news is that mistyping will only require the user to enter a second transaction overwriting the previous message key. Can anyone confirm that resetting the message key to a different value is possible?

The same applies to any ripple wallet that has the ability to sign account set transactions. 


For those with hardware wallets that use a word list. It's still possible to claim your spark. It may be quite the process if your hardware wallet doesn't support account set transactions. In that case one would need to use their word list to set a regular key (do not disable the master as well because this would disable the hardware wallet). Then they would use their regular key to sign an account set transaction using a wallet that supports regular keys. 


I'm considering creating an ironpython script that can be run from the command line which can take a ripple key and an ethereum address and submit the account set transaction for the user. 

The functionality from the command line would be

ironpython ./claimspark {master|regular} {ripplekey} {etheruemkey}

ironpython - calls the python interpreter
./claimsprk - is the name of the python scripts being called.
{master|regular} - is how to specify whether your ripple key is the master key for the account or the regular key
ripplekey - is the users ripple secret that will sign the transaction
ethereumkey - is the users desired spark address (for which they would need the ethereum private key)

The tool would either succeed or fail. No risk of accidentally sending XRP or locking yourself out of the account

I would use ripplelibsharp for signing hence why it would be iron python. I would then use a known ethereum library for validating the ethereum address. 

Let me know if this script is of any interest. I'm fine with using the ihilda wallet to claim my spark. Users may find installing ironpython and downloading a script to be too complicated. But being a python script they could read the script to see it does what it's supposed to do.

An easier solution would be to write the entire thing in c# but c# compiles to a binary and the script wouldn't be readable. 


Everyone has their own security profile and I trust weitse wind not to place backdoors in his apps. I simply don't feel comfortable entering my secret key into a web browser. Lots of malware are browser spy ware. 


yet another option would be creating a simple web page in javascript/react and placing the source on github.io so the community could read the script. 


let me know what you guys think. 


Sorry I'm bad at explaining these things. I feel bad for the noobs. It's hard to discern the meaning of all these terms and the information is scattered everywhere. 

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Sounds very complicated I don't understand a word of that. I'm not going to bother claiming Spark it's not worth the effort. 

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Yes it does sound quite complicated. Im possibly looking to go via the XRPtoolkit method as I dont have a xumm account. 


Is there any risk of losing our XRP in claiming the free spark? Some explanations talk of it as an exchange of XRP to Spark, but that not correct is it? Our XRP stays where it is doesn't it? And the Spark is free right??

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Step 3:
name the wallet what ever you want. 
enter your secret
make sure both rippleLibSharp and rippledotnet show the same address and that it matches your public account
for encryption type select plaintext (you can encrypt the wallet with a password later if you want)
for account type select master
click ok

Note for users with a regular key and a disabled master. Ripplelibsharp and rippledotnet will show the public account for the regular key and won't match your receive address. You'll need to specify your master account's public account  manually. 


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Step 6:
check the box that says message key

in the box next to it is where you add your ethereum public address (spark public address)

You need to delete the 0x from the front and replace it with 02 followed by 24 zero's.
You also need to change any lower case letters to capital letters.




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5 minutes ago, xrpbullrun said:

What if you have your XRP on Etoro?

I've never used Etoro but a google search led me to this



No access to your private keys: eToro doesn’t give you access to your private keys. Rather, it stores them in an encrypted format within the wallet addresses. This further minimizes the chances of unauthorized persona gaining access to your digital assets.

Password recovery: When installing and activating your eToro wallet, you will be provided with a unique and private recovery key. You will need it to recover your private keys should you forget your wallet password or lose the mobile device holding your wallet.

On-Chain address: In addition to keeping the private keys on your behalf, the eToro crypto wallet creates a unique and private on-chain address for you. This is unique, and allows you to send, receive, and store your digital assets anywhere on the blockchain.

It doesn't seem like etoro allows you to export your secret key in the correct format. You need the key that looks like this spFErzP69LiWu6N8jgHud56A2PNYb
Etoro users could send their funds to bittrue and then send them back to etoro after the fork. Creating a new account on the ledger just to claim the spark would force you to spend 20 XRP on the reserve fee. You could delete the account after and regain 15 of those XRP but that's a lot of work when bittrue is supporting the giveaway. Other exchanges may announce they are supporting the fork in the future. 

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