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Scammed of all my XRP


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22 minutes ago, Panzer_Kitteh said:

Keyword: "Only"

No,  the keyword was ‘scapegoat’.  By calling the perpetrator a scapegoat you are saying that the blame is not really deserved.

You say that,  and want to apportion blame to the victim.  I stand by my description of that behaviour as despicable.  Don’t try and weasel word your way out of what you said.

6 hours ago, Panzer_Kitteh said:

Where did I say stop blaming the criminal?

Is it clear now?

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4 minutes ago, Panzer_Kitteh said:

@Dogowner5 You are either bad at reading comprehension or you are being disingenuous. 


Neither.  The word scapegoat means:




1. a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.


I’m starting to think I should give you the benefit of the doubt and that perhaps you simply didn’t understand the meaning of the word you used.  But using the word scapegoat says that you think the scammers are not the real ones to blame.  Is that what you meant?  Or did you use the wrong word?

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I would also add that ‘creating a scapegoat’ is going farther than even just using the word scapegoat.  It implies that the scapegoat is truly blameless.  We are apportioning blame on an innocent.  The scammer is merely part of nature red in tooth and claw and doing what is natural to take advantage of opportunities afforded by the gullibly of naive investors.

However I’m starting to suspect that is not what you actually meant,  that you used incorrect words for your intended meaning and hence the thing that you said looked worse than it was.  (Although victim blaming at all is bad enough)

Or perhaps my reading comprehension is so low that I have got all this wrong.  :) 

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