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Ripple Eager to Introduce XRP into Indian Market for Remittance –Navin Gupta


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21 hours ago, Andy_79 said:

Oh well, we shall see. Glad I went into other projects in the last few months. Still hold some XRP but lost confidence that this digital asset will massively go up in value. Won`t be long IMO and XRP will be kicked from 3rd place by LINK.

I'm sort of kicking myself for not buying into LINK. I think their pump is as inorganic as the 2017 markets. All it will take to bring LINK down or any asset is for regulators to get involved or some sort of huge FUD news. I almost wonder if the Zeus Capital news was made as "Reverse FUD" news that caused a huge pump for Chainlink. If you are new to the markets, Bitcoin and other crypto assets would pump sometimes when the news would try to FUD it and other times the reverse would happen as hype would turn to FUD. LINK or their affiliates released a bunch of news concerning their asset (2017 market?) and people responded by purchasing LINK and other DeFi assets (2017 market?). What I'm saying here is these prices won't last and you might want to consider selling a bit of your LINK or other DeFI asset if you are in profit. I can understand your impatience with XRP as it befell the FUD of yester-year and dropped in value hugely. I think there will be a rebound when regulation of it is known and more banks decide to use it in their operations. Bottom line, markets can be irrational. 

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