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Ibis adds Ripple connectivity to SWISSRoute, offering both Swift & Ripple in one platform

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I have made rough estimation how big news RippleNet integration into SWISSRoute.

Of course more accurate estimation can be made (ex. I wasn't working numbers from same date), but just I wanted to get some impression what it means in numbers.

(2014 - 33 million messages/ MONTH - [SWISSRoute])  ~= 1 million messages / DAY

(2020 Jun - 37.9 million FIN messages/ DAY - [SWIFT])   [I am not sure if it's enough to calculate with only FIN messages]

SWIFT handles 5 Trillion / Working day ==> 5 * 23 / 30 == 3.8 Tillion / DAY

1/37.9 == 2.6% of SWIFT message go through on SWISSRoute.
===> 100billion $ / Day (if equally distributed) 
===> assume only 5% volume goes through on RippleNet of Total at first (because It seems RippleNet messaging part is far efficient than SWIFT).
===> 5 billion $ / Day on Ripplenet ==> "In Q2 2020, ODL accounted for nearly 20% of RippleNet volume." (https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2020-xrp-markets-report/) ===>
1 billion $ / day XRP volume.

I used rough estimations at several place and finally I got that the SWISSRoute integration might cause around (100 million - 1 billion $/ Day) utility volume growth on XRP ledger at first.

Let me repeat myself: I might wrong...


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