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Frustrated With Coinbase Limits Preventing Me From Loading Up On XRP


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Where else can I buy btc relatively safely besides Coinbase? 

The tiny weekly limit for credit/debit card is holding me back so much from buying BTC so I can send it to Bitstamp and use that to buy XRP...

I have to wait 8 days for my bank deposit to show up at Coinbase, and Bitstamp rejected my recent bank wire because I sent from my business account instead of personal smh.... AGHHHHH I can't buy enough zerpssss

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I had the same issue a while ago and I figured out a way around it.  Ill show you how.


1. open google maps and search for bitcoin atm's.

2. Go to the atm , buy the bitcoins  and transfer it to your coinbase wallet.

3. Transfer the bitcoin to your btc wallet to polo or whatever site you use.

The usd transfer amount is around 15k on coinbase so this will bypass the limits setup on bank wire or card purchases.

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