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David Schwartz Interview on the Modern CTO + Audio

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2 hours ago, King34Maine said:

I completely agree!! This interview was very insightful.

Such a  lovely style of speaking and explaining. I only listened to the first hour so far, people who want to know details of policy might be disappointed, but people who want to understand the concepts and flexibility behind Ripple/XRP policies will be richly rewarded.  It is spoken in such clear English with excellent metaphors (obviously the same metaphors they will be using in board room discussions).

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11 hours ago, LeonidasH said:

Thanks for all your hard work Leonidas! Would it be possible to include a short blurb of the blog's content together with the link in future posts? It kind of feels like click bait having to click the link each time, but of course it's understood if you have your own reasons for only posting the link. :JC_doubleup:

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The talk in this interview re: mental modeling and focus is worth the listen.  I was slightly disappointed that Schwartz didn't talk about the level, one up, where one can sort of "inhabit" the mental model, but it was still nice to hear metacognitive territory described in terms to which more people could perhaps relate.  Glad I spent the time on this. :)


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