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GateHub "Watch-only wallet" cannot send issue- SOLVED


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12 minutes ago, namini said:


and anyone else still having this "Watch-only" wallet issue, please post your wallet public address here (start with a r...)


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rpzw79AMc1eAt2F779b3acw4vxYbzSxjqh Watch only wallet @namini

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11 hours ago, Mikedizzle said:

I think gatehub is working with ripple labs to get the coins refunded to you, that is just my personal opinion and it probably takes a little while. 

Honestly, the idea that you have to guess what's going on with a company, holding now several million maybe billions of dollars now.... Is irresponsible. 


All I ever wanted was transparency, simple explanation of the problem with deadlines, how it happened and why it happened.

 Still waiting for an official answer, on when is this getting taken care of.

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