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Should have switched to Chainlink

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And when i just would have invested 30% of everything that i earned the past 35 years into microsoft, then i would have had tens of millions right now, and when i would have invested that 30% in

The word hopium is really a bit smug.  It implies that that hope is some sort of drug that overpowers reason, without providing reasoned arguments why hope is unreasonable. XRP have been in a 2.5

In the meantime, let's enjoy being back at 30 cents for another year or two

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Diversity should be the name of this thread, I own a lot of XRP and still think it will do well but I’m not adverse to adding money in options I think can make me money 

got into link to try trade between its 10% swings up and down.... Told @DrEd about in January, no idea if he looked into it as I knew he liked a bit of VET

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5 hours ago, Scout said:

I made the mistake of moving my life savings into XRP. Too easy to get caught up in a single digital asset.

Just looks like a mistake now.   XRP seems to have joined the races late and has lots of catching up to do. 

I am over 90% XRP and my DCA is .39.  I am not worried.

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