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Scammers Targetting XRP Investors With Convincing Email Promising Rewards Through Staking


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The XRP investors community seems to be on the radar of hackers. In it, scammers are trying to steal XRP by using emails that impersonate Ripple company and advertise a dubbed Introducing Proof-of-Keys Ownership and Staking Event.

The phishing emails were sent on June 26, coming from an email address called ripple@avana.asia. According to former XRP investor Tiffany Hayden, emails seem legitimate and can sometimes bypass the spam inbox and stay entirely in our mailbox.

Moreover, the appeal of the scam is that it promises rewards for staking XRP. However, the XRP ledger does not support staking. As revealed by user Tiffany Hayden, someone fell into a trap and sent nearly 100,000 XRP to scammers.

Source: https://azcoinnews.com/scammers-targetting-xrp-investors-with-convincing-email-promising-rewards-through-staking.html

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