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Missing Ripple after transfer to Kraken


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2 hours ago, T8493 said:

GateHub can't fix this, you should contact eobot.

I went through the same procedure today with 1 XRP to see how it was transacted and it didn't ask for a destination tag. If it was sent to my XRP Wallet (I have checked a dozen times) but never made it then shouldn't it be GateHub that knows where my 200 XRP are?

I checked with EOBOT and their response is:

XRP is required to have a "Destination Tag" attached when sending coins, otherwise it wont arrive. It's an anonymous coin and we can't track who sent the coins without the destination tag, since anyone can find missing tags and claim it. If the exchange you are using does not support the tag, you should ask their support team to add the feature to support it.

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