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Missing Ripple after transfer to Kraken


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Hi guys,

I had some ripple on an Australian exchange called Coinspot,

I transferred it to a Kraken account, it said the the transaction has been confirmed (about 2 days ago) but there are no coins in my Kraken account?

I have double checked the address, and it seems correct.

How do I track these coins down? or which company would I talk to about them?

Thanks in advance!


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@rpjones7 Do you have a Ripple transaction ID? Have you contacted both Coinspot and Kraken support about the transaction? Can you provide sending and receiving addresses?

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Hmm, its strange, coinspot doesn't tell me what its ripple wallet address is. and no transaction id.

The address that I sent it to on Kraken is     rLHzPsX6oXkzU2qL12kHCH8G8cnZv1rBJh


I have contacted Kraken but still need to contact Coinspot

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On 4/2/2017 at 3:38 AM, rpjones7 said:

Hi @MundoXRP 
Oh no, I didnt include the destination tag! only the address. am I still able to get my coins back? 
Sorry I am new at this :)

If you did not include the destination tag in a transfer (i.e. payment) to rLHzPsX6oXkzU2qL12kHCH8G8cnZv1rBJh, then no transfer was actually made and your funds should still be, safely, in your wallet.

The reason is that that address has the lsfRequireDestTag flag set, which means any payments sent to it MUST include a destination tag; any payments sent without a destination tag would be automatically rejected by rippled with error tecDST_TAG_NEEDED.

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5 hours ago, coinspotau said:

Hi @MundoXRP

Its Russell from CoinSpot :)  

Just wanted to reach out and make sure you were able to get everything sorted out?  If you need a hand just contact support on the website and we will get you sorted.


Thanks for following up, but it was @rpjones7 who needed the help.

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It could be to do with the level of verification you hold on Kraken.

the same happened to me and the money bounced back after three days.

i spoke to the support function at Kraken and they sorted it all out and pushed my verification through so would recommend speaking to them.



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Hi rpjones7

Has your situation resolved somehow ?

I am almost in similar position. Transferred xrps from another exchange to kraken but accidentally put the wrong destination tag with wrong string length. Xrps went away from my account and now I am trying to reach kraken support for more than a week with no success. I hope that they do not have the user registered with the destination tag I used and the xrps just came to kraken wallet.

I wonder how the exchange like kraken may be popular and still functional with no support !!!

Still hope they will contact me with some solution however I am aware that I made mistake in destination tag myself. In any case kraken must check faulty transactions on request of their clients.

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After contacting Kraken support via twitter they found my lost deposit and credited my account with the correct amount. So the case has been successfully resolved however resolution time and my effort applied could be much smaller.


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I've had a similar problem trying to send them from Gate Hub to EOBOT.

I didn't include the destination tag but they're gone from my Gate Hub account and not in my EOBOT.

I don't believe I included the destination tag but may have been wrong. It's my first withdraw.

I've tried contacted Gate Hub a few times but haven't heard back.

I'm surprised because I chose them because they are supposed to be the official wallet of Ripple.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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Hello guys, I had a question because I face similar issue 

Is it possible for some user to claim any deposit missing a memo? (Without destination tag)

I confused,if it's on Exchanger private wallet how come some user can just claim it? 


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