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What is the best solution that Ripple must take?

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3 hours ago, Dario_o said:

When are you going to buy again? Or are you holding just 1K XRP forever? 

Maybe when XRP hit $1. That's mean there is something big and something real happening with XRP. I got trauma with XRP pretty bad last time. Anyhow, Cardano is performing pretty well too. I got almost 30% to cover my lost. That means I still down 20%.

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Here's what I think. PayID is a brilliant project. It is still a small piece of the bigger picture, but an important piece because it engages the end-user in a way that totally comes out of left

1. Remove anyone that is/was involved with Xpring - stop giving away XRP to projects and people that don't have anything to do with XRPL, rather focus the investment towards people like Wietse that ar

Freedom Gundam, thank you for starting this thread. Here is my take. At the moment, there is no compelling reason to make XRP holders happy - otherwise the executive team would have said or

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On 6/29/2020 at 9:44 PM, FreedomGundam said:


Please see this video below

In min 6:39 it clearly show that from June 2018 till April 2020. XRP Community have lost 63% of their crowd.  Actually including me and Great General Hodor. I sell almost all of my XRP, and change to other project. I am down from 100% XRP to 2% XRP. I feel the pain too, but, I think I feel much better now, because if at that time I keep holding 100% XRP the lost would be catastrophic.

My satisfaction on this project show in how many percent that I hold for each project.

How about you?;)

I believe that using the metric of the respective "communities" relative growth or shrinkage has very little correlation with a utility tokens success or failure.  Comparing XRP to BTC is erroneous, they are solving different problems for different people.  XRP's success hinges more on its ability to realize more efficiency in the way money moves across borders and less about grassroots community development.  I'm not saying its completely wrong I'm suggesting other metrics are a better indicator.  I believe XRP will be very successful long-term and am perfectly happy to wait so I continue to build a position when I am able to regardless of the community cheerleading it or not.  

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On 7/3/2020 at 11:14 AM, FreedomGundam said:

Can we focus on Ripple? I have no idea why pay in Friday have any effect on Ripple

Ripple solves a settlement issue....You bank does not give you your funds until they settle from your employer.  The employer sends funds over on Monday or Tuesday so they settle and are available for you by Friday.   Some companies pay on Wednesday, which means those companies start the transfer on the Friday before the Wednesday.  Reality is the time to settle/true is days in our current financial structure....  Ripple allows for settlement in Seconds,  not days.  So your company can choose to pay you sooner of hold their money longer. 

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On 6/30/2020 at 7:45 AM, itcdominic said:

PayID is Genius and will be the game changer...... Major Corporations will encourage employees to get a PayID on file for payroll deposits.  Why?  Because today corps send the payroll over on Monday or Tuesday for funds to be available  for their employees bank accounts on Friday.  With fast rails (XRP)...a company can trigger the transfer Saturday night at midnight and have funds settle in seconds.  This allows companies to hold their money longer.  Don't sound like much,  Consider the millions in payroll that Amazon, Google, and any major corp transfers today and you'll quickly realize that those few extra days means 100's of thousands of dollars in interest.

Now think about the greedy government that will also want their money sooner/faster.....oh yea, I think the government will support this in a big way.

I am all about getting paid hourly as I work, but I know a lot of people rely on the slow flow of money to prevent them from impulsively emptying their account every day.

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On 7/6/2020 at 9:23 PM, jag216 said:

I am all about getting paid hourly as I work, but I know a lot of people rely on the slow flow of money to prevent them from impulsively emptying their account every day.

Thats not what I am talking about......as far as you the employee, you'd see no change.  The significant impact is that your employer could send funds the day of payday instead of 3-5 days earlier.

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