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Reactivating an old wallet


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A couple years ago I bought some XRP using the now defunct Ripple Admin Console, decided it was time to hold the money in USD.bitstamp because the market was fluctuating badly, and  now I'm sitting in some dollars there.

I've managed to get access to it, decided might be a good time to trade again, but not sure how I could get the money from there.

Do I need to trade the USD.Bitstamp to XRP so I can access using any regular wallet or can I get access on Bitstamp directly from the USD?

At the time I didn't had a Bitstamp account, now I've created it but not sure if I can access that amount.

Thank you all for your help

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Any decent XRP wallet software should be able to handle and trade the Bitstamp IOUs if you want to keep everything on-ledger. Otherwise you can deposit the USD.bitstamp to your Bitstamp account (use Deposit - > IOU) and trade there. 

You'll get much better liquidity on Bitstamp so if you can tolerate the risk of a third party holding your funds that would be a better option.

Please test with a small amount first before depositing everything. 

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