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Ripple Says It Aims to Conquer the Global Market by Mid-2021


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That is ripple attempting to fomo more crypto newbies

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6 hours ago, Archbob said:

Yeah, just like how dozens of large banks would be using it by now.

For you the task to decide who's announcedย promises are least exaggerated have the most utility and best use case and could impact the fin. sector where all the (old) money and power is. Honesty can be found elsewhere, not in most businesses.

When I stepped in early 2017 and heard the 2-4 years plans by primarily BG (and the hype then it could spin sooner), I immediately doubled those figures because of all the possible implications with little real knowledge. Just common sense imho. So from my point of view they are way ahead of schedule and I expected a far rougher road than we see today. At least until now and I do acknowledge it wasn't a smooth ride for sure.
I can understand there are those in here for longer or with less patience having issues, with all (mis)information around. Heartbreaks over broken promises I can't fully understand, or is it realย love?ย :heart:ย 

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we say: between saying and doing there's the ocean.

First of all Ripple shouldย stop selling xrp for financing the company, if it were able to earn money instead of exploiting our faith in the future.

(ย  ย A moment of negative thoughts, I think I am allowed sometimes :-)ย  ย  )

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