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XRP price $6 - $32 USD

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On 6/16/2020 at 10:16 PM, LetHerRip said:

Corona Virus 2.0 could be that spark. China is going back into lock down announced yesterday and new details coming out today as second wave starts to hit them. US cases are going up in several states as-well as several other parts of the world. A major stock market crash like we had at the start of the Corona virus would hurt Crypto badly once again. The problem for XRP is unlike BTC its never recovered and has been losing support after support. Its on the knifes edge with only $0.03 and $0.006 support below. So @SquaryBone utility price of 0.01$ is not too far off previous support at 0.03$. Its not looking good from either a utility, TA or global macro socioeconomic perspective right now.


I think you're hitting some key points here:

  • its never recovered and has been losing support after support
  • only $0.03 and $0.006 support below

Of course those previous higher supports weren't worth a lot. I think the only significant support for the past 3 years is 20 cents. Since that's from before the bubble bursted. If we get under that I believe a lot will loose faith. It's easier to hold when you don't have losses. And if you have been holding for more than 3 years and get back to where you started and with all the developments you still are at the same price it takes away confidence.

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On 6/17/2020 at 6:35 AM, Flintstone said:

If we are heading into a global economic meltdown, it will be interesting to see what happens regarding BTC as a hedge and if ODL becomes more attractive than holding Nostro/Vostro accounts in an uncertain economy.

The next 12 months should be interesting. I have cash waiting if SquaryBone’s prediction does come about, although I do think that would be blood, guts and brain-matter on the streets.

BTC doesn't seem to behave like a hedge to me. It has been moving similar to the stock market I believe the past months.

Anyway I'd like to not have a global economic meltdown. That would be bad for everyone and indeed blood, guts and brain-matter on the streets (probably even literally).

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All i see in the past year and a half is that when btc goes up, the other coins go up aswell exept xrp, but as soon btc goes down

the other coins go down with it including xrp, so as soon btc would drop to 5k, xrp will drop to 10 cents,

and  when btc would drop to 2,5k, xrp wil drop to 5 cents if not lower. And let's say btc would go up to 20k again,

then xrp will be still dead in the water. or maybe maybe go up to 40-50 cents but that will be it.

There are alot of xrp owners outside this forum and they lost their faith in xrp alright, or why else doesn't xrp go up when

btc and the other coins go up?  Yeah they work on it and banks and exchanges are going to use xrp for quick payments,

but i hear that story for years now, so where is the xrp boom then?

And then this topic is about xrp going to 6-30 dollars, well what a joke because i would be happy when it would

go up to 80 cents because then i swap my little stash for btc, because btc is still the coin to make money with

as we could see for at least the past year and a half, and not with xrp and that's a cold hard fact no one can deny

because the past is already written and can't be changed. Hell, i won't wait until 80 cents but step out at 50 cents

and turn my losses into a profit by buying and selling btc, witch i should have done a year ago when xrp peaked at 

around 40-45 cents for a short moment. Well now i can only wait until that day comes, but i have serious doubts

that wil happen any time soon. 


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