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Scammers are ramping up giveaway campaigns

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Scammers are ramping up giveaway campaigns.

Scammers are now targeting Bitcoin for false Bitcoins giveaway.

It is no use to stop them, they are auto creating multiple accounts and hacked accounts to fool people.

I already stop reporting , the speed they change accounts and the lack of Youtube to do anything about it is mind blowing.

To all the newbies, if anything is to good to be true, be cautious.

Real giveaways like Ripple did in the early days do not ask you to send them coins, the only condition Ripple asked was that your account was before a certain date at bitcointalk.

Even if you had hundreds of accounts at bitcointalk before February 19, 2013, 18:45 UTC you will receive 1000 XRP per accounts.

These days are gone, almost every giveaway nowadays are SCAMS.



If you still got scammed after this message, blame yourself, nobody can help you

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It is sad, but people being scammed this way is also a little part of nature. Manually stopping these accounts is impossible, Google/Twitter should develop an automated way if they want to fight this, without deleting real accounts like David's for example. Brad's account is fine though.

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Scamming is terrible. I guess a crypto scam is easy for people to fall into due to the fact that standards of practice are not well established and each coin can be different in the way it functions. Some coins due giveaways others do not which isn't a help. As bad as crypto scams are there are scams out there which can cause a lot more damage such as identity theft, insurance, my personal pet peeve that keeps me up at night, human trafficking. As much as I think it would be great for there to be attention put on crypto scams I would much rather resources be spent on things that lead to modern slavery than some crypto scam. Anyway, I think we will be on our own to inform new comers about scams, especially when the market picks up again, and if we are honest the probability of crypto picking up again during our current economic situation is low. However, that does buy time for discussions and strategies to be developed to prevent scammers success. This tends to happen to people who are new to the environment.

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Interesting that YouTube / Google ads still facilitate *very* obvious scams. Ripple sueing YouTube did not help, some giveaway scam video's are up for weeks again and placed as top result when searching for XRP at YouTube. Twitter also fails miserably.

My advice is that the techcompanies hire me, or some kid that just finished school, as just basic AI / better algo / improved monitoring could change the situation a lot. What they allow for years now is seriously unprofessional and unresponsible.

The reporting response is also very bad. All Google ads should have a direct Report button instead of some confusing and hard to find complaint form that's hidden somewhere, with quick response. In history a popular livestreamer asked many thousands of viewers to report an ongoing giveaway livestream scam, I also did multiple reports, the XRP community at Twitter and Discords reported it too and it stayed online for several days. 100s and maybe 1000s of reports was not enough. It was number one in the results, with a hacked account, with faked identity, with many many thumbs down and YouTube did not care.

I hope governments punish these companies and Ripple has success sueing YouTube.

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On 5/21/2020 at 8:00 AM, ObeyTheWafflehouse said:

Just received this phishing email. Ripple is NOT giving away an economic package to the XRP community. Stay safe out there my dudes. 




Jus got this also...I can see a lot of folks clicking on that it looks legit.  Always check the email and url link and generally if it's too good to be true....On the bright side, people want XRP..?

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Just got the same. Seemed super legit but I saw the i in ripple was not correct  ï they used one similar to that 


EDIT: deleted hyperlink so a new person doesn’t accidentally think it’s real and donate all their xrp. 

Edited by AwesomeCopper
Deleted scam link
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