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New guy on the block with question>>

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Hello to all:


I am new to the forum, and actually pretty new to crypto currency, but was put on the right track ...xrp !  I am sure I will learn much from all of you.

I have an issue, I used coinbase to buy bitcoin and xrp, and bought a ledger nano S.  bitcoin and xrp apps are on my ledger, but for some reason when I try to transfer the xrp to my xrp app on my ledger, it tells me that I am missing an XRP tag.  I push button to add tag and nothing happens.  How can I find or generate an xrp tag? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you !!

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Is it coinbase asking you for a tag or the ledger app? I'm assuming it's coinbase so I suggest you try sending yourself 20 xrp and just enter a 10 digit number of your choice as a tag, as @Flintstone said it's normally only required when sending to another exchange with a shared wallet.





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1 hour ago, investrrr said:

Yes   coinbase is asking for the tag.


Thank you, I will try that 

Thank you both !!

Sometimes there is a setting on the page or the site that lets you turn off the unneeded entry tag fields.  

It’s worth slowly looking at the page so you see any options you might have missed.  Amazing how many times the options are available but invisible because of our mind filtering things out.

Something like “Always require tags” or “Show tags for deposits”.  That kind of thing.  Probably won’t help you but ya never know.  :) 

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3 minutes ago, bloodhound said:

There is no tag required when sending to your Ledger.

Just for clarity too...   in those situations where no tag is required (like to your ledger or paper wallet) it generally (always?) doesn’t break anything to include one...  it’s just purposeless (apart from satisfying some strange site requirement that you use one :) )


However, if sending to an exchange then you do generally need one, and if it was needed and forgotten,  it’s a pain to get the funds put into your account after begging the support team.   :) 


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Hi @investrrr,

Welcome to xrpchat.

Every one of the responses above is correct. But being new I thought you might want a reason why.

Consider the wallet address the same as a postal address. In both cases the item/coins will get to the correct location.

Just like physical addresses it may be sent to an address with one person at the location (nano is like this) or to an office building with hundreds of people (a lot of exchanges are like this).

In both scenarios the tag is the name/ID of the person who should receive the package. But it only matters when it is sent to an office with more than one potential recipient. The office will receive it but not know who to give it to.

In an office you'll ask reception/post room for your package and if they don't know you ask for proof of who you are.

In an exchange you'll email the help desk and will absolutely have to provide proof of transfer. A few exchanges may even say they can't help. They would be lying or the support doesn't know what they are talking about. Even with good exchanges this process is a major pain.

I hope this explains the advice above.

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