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Hi guys! 

Content is not easy to find on Coil, we don't have tags to identify the content and it's easy for blogs that are still relevant to just stay forgotten in the depths of the platform. This was my motivation to make my Baking Master blog, my Coil Creators do Discover Master blog and now my new one, Coil, Cinnamon, Web Monetization Master blog. I'm sure there's blogs there you haven't seen before and you will probably enjoy 😊


Stay safe! 

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Definitely useful content! Thanks for sharing! I will give it a look and see what I can get out of it. Making your blog or app a stream of revenue is entirely different from having it created or developed. I realized that the hard way after making my slot app and spending countless hours coding it! After I launched it, the competition was immense, and I was not getting enough downloads. I was saved by https://www.pangleglobal.com/ and their techniques to help me make my creation profitable. I'm pretty sure some of you are in need of such a service as well!

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