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Missing Coverage - role of ripple in making BTC feasible for everyday in Japan


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as @zerpdigger , @papa me and other discussed today, 

Important and role of ripple back end, is not getting the deserved coverage in making Japanese BTC payments feasible as the new rule takes hold making BTC legal tender in japan.

The role Ripple is playing to even make BTC possible day to day ( which would take 4 days for confirmation otherwise ) shoudl be given its due coverage. Just guessing, A Heading something like

"XRP/Ripple makes everyday use of BTC possible in Japan" 

and opening with something like

"BTC while very innovative and legendary, takes 4 days +- for confirmation, while point of sales need to confirm payments much faster - Ripple fixes bitcoin's scaling problem. Even antiquated card technology confirms payments in hours with queue guarantee, XRP has come to the rescue filling the shortcoming of BTC and making its everyday use feasible in Japan"

bitcoin has also other bigger issues right w.r.t BTU and internal feud by majority stakeholders... like splitting off into obsolescence etc, however the new 21st century rails of Ripple, capable of over 1000 on-ledger and 10000 off-ledger transactions will go a long way to serve Japans digital economy.

Just some thought,s i am sure Ripple Media team can do much better justice, but the community here wanted to make sure, the due coverage was not missed out.





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Could ILP drastically reduce the amount of transactions on Bitcoin's blockchain? Could it be a solution to the scaling problem similar to lightning network?

Could XRP be a vehicle currency for Bitcoin as well? Its already faster to move bitcoin with XRP.  You can trade btc.polo for xrp.polo (transfer XRP to Bitstamp) xrp.bitstamp for btc.bitstamp in a fraction of the time that it takes to transfer BTC directly. 

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Just now, lucky said:

So they need help from more people. Funds to hire people has doubled today.

ha, good point!

tho i guess they can't rely on xrp... you know how flaky it's been

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