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Ripple Co-Founder Jed McCaleb Sold More Than 54 Million XRP In April – $11.7 Million


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Analyzing known wallets for Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb shows he sold off at least 54 million XRP between April 1-30.

According to a May 2 report by TheCryptoAssociate based on data from McCaleb’s known addresses, the Ripple co-founder appears to be liquidating his supply of tokens on a regular basis. Data shows that the wallet address supposedly used by McCaleb to sell XRP received an average of 1.8 million tokens daily in April, totaling 54,215,405 XRP — $11.7 million at the time of press.


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How's things that happen every day and month for years is news in any way? Jed has a stash of XRP and the amount he can sell each timeframe is enforced by Ripple. Some "reporter" from "azcoinnews" need to "write" "articles" on the same event every month?

Can this be removed by the mods?

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I view Jed's inexorable trades as a form of mining output, like the PoW tokens perform. Or like other physical assets like metals mining - it's just part of the equation.

Leonidas posted this on this twitter feed today, perhaps some will find it informative ... 

"Latest FUD regarding Jed selling XRP. Perhaps this will shed some light and raise awareness."


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