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Hopefully I have posted this in the right area.  Typically, how long does sending payments between Gatehub wallets take?  I sent some ETH from my secondary Gatehub wallet to my primary Gatehub wallet over nine hours ago.  The transaction history shows that it has been sent, and the ETH deducted from my wallet.  However, it hasn't been posted in the receiving wallet.  Thanks.  

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GateHub Fifth here. @Sjarred, please send me a private message with me your GateHub-registered e-mail address and details about the transaction, or contact support@gatehub.net (if you haven't already).

For future reference, I suggest you use the INSTANT option to transfer funds between Ripple and Hosted wallets. It will be much faster (in fact, instant).

We've had some increased delays today with processing of some ETH deposits due to increased traffic. The delays are a matter of hours.

The issue has already been mitigated and will be completely resolved within a day. Apologies for the delays to everyone affected.

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