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Miguel Vias has left Ripple?

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Well, more than 2 years ago if I remember correctly he said that if XRP volume and liquidity is the same 1 year later (we are now 2.5 years later) he'll leave/get fired. Not counting the massive amount of wash trading and fake volume, the volume is actually a lot less than what it was in 2017 so I guess he finally decided to leave. About 1.5 years too late, but better late than never.

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There was confirmation and proof on a reddit thread, it has been deleted for some unknown conspiracy reasons, but the fact is Vias is no longer among the lizard people of the Ripple Army. Jed bit him

I normally avoid threads like this, but I feel compelled to chime in here, because the above is simply not true; it’s a gross generalization and, frankly, nonsensical. People leave for many reaso

Ripple is not an illuminati conspiracy bs org. They are just building a network, or two. As an org grows into ever greater stages of size, both in terms of revenue and head count. It is common th

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6 hours ago, LetHerRip said:

Check for yourself https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguelvias/

Now whats that story about rats and a sinking ship?...


Honest question: Why not sell your xrp and leave this forum? There's only more loss for you here and no gains to be made on a sinking ship. If I'd have 0 stake/confidence in XRP I wouldn't hang around here arguing with strangers :) Not saying I'm overconfident but I doubt the ship is sinking.

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3 hours ago, panmores said:

Miguel was quite outspoken, if not confrontative and slightly aggressive, at panel talks before he went into hibernation.

We can only speculate what made him make that U-turn. Maybe something personal that's not to be shared publicly.

Well look at Bob Way. When did he went into hibernation and when did Miguel did? Perhaps it's all around the same period. Ok, this is very much tin-foil hat :) Perhaps they got told to lay low. (not saying it means XRP will be SDR, WRC, ...). Just perhaps a change of tune and a new strategy.

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9 minutes ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

Agreed. I hope he has left - I found him by far the least impressive Ripple employee I've seen in panel discussions, interviews and on Twitter, regardless of the liquidity issue.

Mostly these postures are signs of insecurity.

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1 minute ago, Benchmark said:

How does anyone still believe anything on those retarded crypto websites?

No, Miguel has not left. Until somebody who actually knows about it can prove otherwise.

With respect,  isn’t a personal LinkedIn status fairly good info?  

(That said...  I haven’t confirmed it myself because I don’t have an account.  But the balance of probabilities is that a number of different people claim it and it would be easy to disprove if false so I think it’s true.)

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10 hours ago, KarmaCoverage said:

Ripple executives moving into leadership positions in other Crypto Companies, I see as Ripple extending it's tentacles out into the crypto market's ecosystem.

I think this discussion has been had before. Ripple are not the Illuminati spreading tentacles to take over the world (with limited success), a succession  of senior Management departures is never a good sign. Unless of course they were no good at their jobs but that would be inconceivable, Ripple never make mistakes in hiring.

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It is normal for gold star execs to move jobs frequently, ever 3 - 5 years, especially in and out of young companies.  Probably healthy.

Quite a lot of ex Ripple move on into related spheres of work where they continue to carry the Ripple torch.

David Schwartz is key, and there are many other very good people on the board, so I do not find this news at all disconcerting. 

I think I once heard DS speak of a wish to retire in the not too distant future.  That would be a serious loss, but I expect he would choose an exit point after he had achieved some landmark target, and even he is replaceable  once the software is rolling out.  I believe Ripple now has 365 clients, and is growing fast.  500 clients is perhaps a target for the end of 2020?

I would like to see some more remittance corridors open, they are behind schedule but that is perhaps normal.  Thailand - Singapore - Japan nexus looks imminent   The Middle- East to India rails are very quiet, the Argentina, Brazil corridors are also quiet.  Those looking out for progress have a lot to look out for.  Corona virus must have hit remittance payments vol very hard, and also it must be hard to test/roll out new tech when everyone is sitting at home just trying to keep their companies ticking over.  It amzes me how well the ODL vol has kept up in these troubled times.

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For what it's worth to confirm the news, I've taken some screenshots - I think that's a wrap for Miguel. And judging by his new "title" I suspect that he may not have left of his own timing (i.e. "off to spend more time with family").

Miguel might have been the right person early on but I expect that Ripple will do a gun hire to replace him for this next phase, particularly if it involves an IPO in the next 12/24 months.




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