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Miguel Vias has left Ripple?

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There was confirmation and proof on a reddit thread, it has been deleted for some unknown conspiracy reasons, but the fact is Vias is no longer among the lizard people of the Ripple Army. Jed bit him

I normally avoid threads like this, but I feel compelled to chime in here, because the above is simply not true; it’s a gross generalization and, frankly, nonsensical. People leave for many reaso

Ripple is not an illuminati conspiracy bs org. They are just building a network, or two. As an org grows into ever greater stages of size, both in terms of revenue and head count. It is common th

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just wondering if Claire left also? (can't remember her surname) she hasn't done much "community" coordinating this last year which I am certain was the roll she was taken on as if anyone who recalls when she first came into the forum.

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Although the liquidity has fallen far short of the lofty goals he set himself a few years ago, I really doubt anyone on the outside has the vaguest notion of whether he is good, bad, or indifferent at his job.

I certainly don’t believe he has left until I see some confirmation.  And if he has or hasn’t, it doesn’t hearten or disappoint me.  All the loudmouths that blame the price on him and Brad are just empty vessels making noise.

I’m in no position to judge if his presence is a benefit or a hinderence and neither are any of the opinionated idiots that abound on twitter, and regrettably,  here also.

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40 minutes ago, LetHerRip said:

Check for yourself https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguelvias/

Now whats that story about rats and a sinking ship?...


Thanks for that but I’m not on LinkedIn.  But I will assume it is true then.

However I think you have drawn an exceedingly long bow to assume that because an executive leaves a company the ship is sinking.  By that metric every company is doomed.

But if your disappointment in price leads you to vent on here then I suppose it does no harm...  it’s just disingenuous and unhelpful,  but that’s ok...   this is the Internet after all.   :) 


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6 minutes ago, ADingoAteMyXRP said:

If it's a sign of anything, it's the lack of news for trolls to jump on and spin to their liking. So they make up a rumor out of whole cloth... again.

But assuming the LinkedIn is actually saying what the guys above indicate, and assuming it wasn’t hacked in some way, then he actually has left.  So I would assume that his personal LinkedIn is a good enough indicator yeah?

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I'm not surprised, Miguel has been on his way out for a while.

I don't know the reason but I love how anytime something like this happens people say, "Oh look Ripple is further extending it's power over the world muahahahaha".

Companies need new leadership, especially as they grow. People get stuck in their ways and the executives that start a company are not the ones that take it to the next level usually.

As Ripple grows, you can expect Brad Garlinghouse to move on as well, at some point. Especially if they reach a big milestone or have an astronomical year. 

You don't want the same executives running a company forever.

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