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Am I screwed?


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I tried to send a decent amount of XRP from my ledger nano x to the Binance.us exchange. It was the first time I've moved any crypto from my cold wallet to any exchange. When the Binance app prompted me to make sure I added a tag I used the "copy/paste" function, just like I have always done with the actual wallet address. Apparently it was the wrong number somehow. The number it copied/pasted wasn't even the proper format (6 digits instead of 10.) Despite not being in the proper format it sent it to some tag with the 6 digits. Whats worse is for some reason my ledger decided to send it twice (actually three times because its still saying "sending" on the third one stuck in qeue on my LedgerLive app.) Ugh. I really should have sent a test amount first. I looked on the xrp ledger and it shows some rando account twice receiving the amount I sent which really sucks. I tried contacting customer support at Binance with screenshots of everything but they haven't got back with me. Is this a lost cause? Or is this kind of thing resolvable?

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