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Hello Nodoz.

Correct, XRP is not mined and is a utility token.

The current volume from utility is only a small fraction of the total trade volume, so has little, to no influence on price at the moment.

I think the whole crypto market follows Bitcoin at the moment and all of crypto is treated as the same risk class until individual tokens can prove themselves.

DLT/Blockchain adoption is still in its infancy. You just have to pick the horse you think will have a bright future.

All prices are speculative at the moment and presently, the crypto markets seem to be following the sentiment of the stock markets.

Welcome to the Wild West.



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Bitcoin for quite a while not has been pumped up by tether issuance (if it looks like a dollar, moves like a dollar it is  probably a duck pretending to be a dollar). When the pumpers cash out (dump) they seem to withdraw from their positions as  much as possible by buying Alt coins first to sell without collapsing the Bitcoin price.

Overall the XRP price has been been appalling the last 2.5 years. Bitcoin gets pumps and dumps and selling by miners but XRP has relentless selling pressure from Ripple founders, Ripple staff, Ripple and people Ripple give away large amounts of XRP to.

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