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How Banks Can Leverage $100B from Feds Liquidity into $1.5T of Assets

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In this scenario, 6.67% ($100B) of the total liquidity by the Federal Reserve is utilized to purchase XRP for all central banks.

  • 6.67% of $1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5T) = ~ $100,000,000,000 ($100B)

We assume $0.15 cost per XRP. This is conservative, since it's highly likely that a bulk acquisition of this size would result in a lower price agreement.

  • $100B worth of XRP bought at $0.15 = 15 Billion XRP
    • This is effectively more than 1/3rd of total circulating supply, instantly creating a shortage of supply
    • Institutional-grade backing of this level will signal a green light & accelerate the adoption of digital finance
    • A combination of commercial and individual investments feed into XRP demand, and shortage of supply has a parabolic impact on the price of XRP


The rise in XRP value greatly benefits balance sheets, allowing Banks to leverage this new asset class to drive more investments & growth.

  • $10 XRP Price = $150 Billion in Assets
  • $100 XRP Price = $1.5 Trillion in Assets


Now this alone is enough, a valuation of $100 per XRP.

This can take care of the financial industry and place it in a much healthier position, but there's room for further growth as XRP solidifies its utility on a foundational level.


For example, here's a possible White Swan Event:

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is ratified into law and now every citizen receives $1500 worth of digital currency on a monthly basis. XRP is utilized as the primary, underlying vehicle by which to make financial transactions across the globe and it allows for the digital currencies of different countries to seamlessly interact. Furthermore, the ability of XRP to release capital locked in Escrow plays into the ability for banks to acquire more XRP, further driving demand while decreasing supply.

Derivatives, stock markets, the whole financial industry...  by 2025, XRP's adoption across the FinTech spectrum makes it the cryptocurrency of choice. Its price reflects this:

  • $589 XRP Price = $8.84 Trillion in Assets (Obligatory BG123 Reference)
  • $1,000 XRP = $15 Trillion in Assets
  • $10,000 XRP = $150 Trillion in Assets
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33 minutes ago, superboon said:

The desperation is getting real.... people cant bear the truth.

No need to get offensive.

The post is food for thought, and no one is implying you must digest it.

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