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Releasing 3 Billion XRP into RippleNet Scam


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3 hours ago, XRP-JAG said:

Information taken from Gatehub security breach I assume.

Good point!  I got the email and it was obviously a scam, but I wondered how I was targeted as being interested in XRP specifically.  

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24 minutes ago, DirectorCoulson said:

But ripple could take an example out of it and gift the bagholders who are 95% underwater some xrp. Or all the bagholders the same amount they are holding in theiraddresses 

For why?

Putting aside the rather large fact that a purchase of XRP is not a stake in Ripple...

XRP is purchased on the free market, with no guarantor offering any kind of protection. And even if it was... do you see companies offering increased share dividends on years where the share price falls by way of compensation to their backers? 

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