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xrp price glitch coinbase


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some exchanges have had a 'glitch" where xrp prices have jumped from around current price to a crazy price level of 8300$ for a small time frame of a minute or so.

now all the articles ive looked at say its a glitch but could it be possible that ripple were testing their odl if it were live for a moment? and causing it to skyrocket? or did some one goof.

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10 minutes ago, joematty06 said:

or did some one goof.

I think, if it is not a glitch but a real price that someone paid,  that it was much more likely a goof.

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was just thinking about it


after reading these across multiple exchanges it had happened and different points of last year.



and coinbase


different price but testing different corridors at a different time?



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$8,300 , only if xrp somehow captures nearly the entire market. We are in the early stages of this asset class. There are approximently 40X the number of xrp than there are BTC when the divisibility of each coin is taken into account.  The question that has to be asked is what drives price? Is it marketcap, daily volume, speculation, usage, or others not accounted for? So, who knows, I do not.

If it was daily volume then xrp would need to trade 1.4 daily volume if compared to BTC and the relationship was linear. Market Cap= I'm not going there it is an absurd number. Speculation=IDK.

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48 minutes ago, Andy_79 said:

Even 589 USD seems unrealistic to me. If we ever see 10 USD, that would be massive.

I was convinced my sarcasm was gushing through :) 10 USD would be insane returns. Maybe if we are extremely lucky it could go to 100 in maybe 10 years or more.

I'd be happy with anything over 10 USD.

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