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(1/2) - 22 February 2020 Although never confirmed by Jed McCaleb, the "tacostand" XRP wallet (rEhKZcz5Ndjm9BzZmmKrtvhXPnSWByssDv) is well-known to belong to him. A quick look at the wallet a

Since there seems to be some slight confusion about it in this thread, I'd like to clarify some bits about transaction costs burned. First, Stellar's fees work differently from the XRP Ledger's t

These massive holdings - Chris Larsen's and a few others' as well - cloud the whole XRP and Ripple space somewhat.And of other tokens as well. That's the nature of crypto and founders. To them it does

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This is interesting and needs to be watched. 

If we were to have buy orders set at a low price, say 11 to 15 cents, would these have been filled? It might be worth trying for two reasons. Obviously for the cheap xrp, but also to thwart the nefarious behavior if enough of the community is aware of this.

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18 minutes ago, Lumpy said:

Although never confirmed by Jed McCaleb, the "tacostand" XRP wallet (rEhKZcz5Ndjm9BzZmmKrtvhXPnSWByssDv) is well-known to belong to him.








To be continued...

Oh f***. Not again... Jedapocalypse round #2. Unfortunately we can do nothing but watch Jed crushing the rest of XRP bagholders. Anyway since Ripple behaviour in not much better, new Jedapocalypse will be the last but not the main nail in the coffin with our dreams.

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This is most interesting and I’m delighted @Lumpy that you are looking in such detail at all this.  

To be honest I would be surprised if this attack is viable for very long...   it’s fairly simple to mitigate against. So that’s the point you made...  they prepared and sprung the trap nicely.  To mitigate Jed’s bot merely needs to be aware of the current world price and decline to trade if the deviation is too high.  

I don’t think he is “Required” to trade every day...  if he is though,  then that might leave him vulnerable to repeated instances of this attack.  I await with interest further instalments in your evolving story.  Really well done to have spotted and explained this... thank you very much for the generous sharing of your knowledge.

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3 minutes ago, karstnDE said:

Great to know Jed acts as market maker for ODL!


Forgive me if you were joking and know this already...    I don’t believe that is correct.   ODL is traded on exchanges whereas this trading is on the ledger...  a distributed exchange on ledger ( DEX ).

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