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tradesatoshi warning "maybe scam"


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#70413 - xrp



Opened:12/02/2020 01:13:36 AM

Last Update:12/02/2020 02:00:24 AM


I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR TWO WEEKS NOW. TWO WEEKS. WHEN WILL I GET MY XRP DEPOSITED? #69936 - xrp Category: Deposit Status: Opened: 30/01/2020 00:44:46 AM Last Update: 02/02/2020 02:28:14 AM Description: hello today about 2h ago I sent 492.91 xrp for my xrp wallet in Tradesatoshi. TRANSACTION DETAILS E266129F7162E7513D3EEC9033EC9D1CF6F35CD5E3A21FE9E1F70A75FE22F465 This transaction was successful and validated in the ledger #53076692 (index: 2). Type:PaymentTime (UTC):2020-01-29 23:14:22Source:rJb5KsHsDHF1YS5B5DU6QCkH5NsPaKQTcy BinanceSequence:#2064265Destination:r9VoqvUwZipzbVfMXzDkSBvdv38CapKywg TRADESATOSHIDestination tag:196760998Delivered amount:492.91 XRPXRPL fee:0.1 XRP (100000 drops)Comments: show TX json:show


Sender: ModShin

12/02/2020 02:00:19 AM

Dear User, This issue is being forwarded to our Wallet Department. Please wait while we are working on this issue and appreciate your patience. Please do not make any more tickets (for this issue) as it will create delays and confusion. Thank you for your cooperation, we will be in touch as soon as this matter is resolved. Kind regards, ModShin

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