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Ripple ODL Strategy

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I'm fairly sure AK Bank is a Ripple partner. Assuming this is the case then this article is pretty interesting. Maybe Binance is exploring the potential of becoming an ODL partner (even thought they've been pretty quiet about this when asked directly)? Turkish Lira a future ODL corridor?


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My observation across all pairings over the last month or so is there a clear limit to transaction sizes as they are "allowed" to slowly ramp up (not sure who is dictating this though, the exchanges,

Holy cow... Look at the raw (not factored for prices) XRP hourly buys at Bitso - and 4,580,000 XRP in ONE HOUR ! 

It's trading over 1m XRP per hour last 16 hours straight (Bitso), with three over 2m. On track for a new daily volume ATH.  The DoM books are normal, and the slippage on $50k is around 0.5%

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