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XRP Price Flash Crashes To $ 0.14 On BitMEX And BitMEX’s Answer


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As AZCoin News reported, one of BitMEX’s latest products, the XRP/USD Perpetual Quanto Swap Contract, lost more than half its value at a glance, XRP price dropping from $ 0.32 to $ 0.14 in a five-minute candle. This Flash crash has liquidated countless traders. However, it seems that BitMEX will not compensate everyone for these losses.

When trading derivative instruments, such as XRP / USD perpetual quantum swaps, you are trading on leverage. This means that your income will be multiplied if the transaction works in your favor. On the other hand, you can lose all your holds quickly if the transaction goes against you.

Before the XRP/USD flash crash on Bitmex, the price of XRP has been rising undeniably. As of Thursday, its annual profit is more than 70%. The whole account was liquidated when the stop failed to perform. Many traders have lost everything they have on Bitmex.

Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-price-flash-crashes-to-0-14-on-bitmex-and-bitmexs-answer.html

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