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Help find lost coins


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Your XRP are stored on the XRPL so as long as you have your old passphrase, you should be fine.

I’m not clued up on the nano but I’m guessing you have created a new passphrase after the reset, but your XRP are associated with the old passphrase.

Is there an option to import wallet and use your old passphrase?

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Just to be sure. 

You inputed the 24 words of your 'old' wallet into the nano when recovering your wallet?

Then you installed the XRP wallet (assuming it was XRP) on your nano and opened it?

You opened an XRP wallet on Ledger Live associated with your recovered Nano and it shows empty?


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I once saw an issue where I installed "XRP" while I still had the "Ripple" wallet on the Nano - the XRP wallet gave a different public address = 0 balance.

Just make sure of the following when you restore your Ledger:

Clear all apps you won't be using (BTC, ETH, etc)
Use the 24-word seed that was associated with the wallet you were using before the reset.
As posted above, confirm the public address and balance using the Bithomp explorer.

Should all be there if the correct seed is being used - good luck

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6 hours ago, XRP-NZ said:

Is it also possible that my original balance is with my original set of 24 recovery phrases.

If so how do i get to those original phrases?

What do you mean "original"? The 24 words that you were given when you first created the account that you're now looking for, are the ones you need.

If you've reset the Nano without keeping a record of those words then there is no way to retrieve them.

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Hi guys,

Just to let everyone know that i managed to fix the problem and everything is back to normal.

All my coins are showing up once again.

So thank you to everyone that helped out with advice, it was greatly appreciated.

BIG RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!

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