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official numbers are alarming

deaths / recoveries = 27%-34%. Most the deaths occurring in china where an overrun medical system has left infected without treatment. The disease causes a percentage of people to become critically ill. Quarantine and medical assistance can reduce deaths dramatically. What's happening in Wuhan, Hubei, China is a situation we should all be prepared for while trying to avoid. 


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3 hours ago, jargoman said:

official numbers are alarming

deaths/infected is about 2%. If you assume that most are in self quarantine and not reported then it’s less than 1%. We don’t know the true numbers yet.

We’re in the middle of an information war as far as I can tell. If telling the truth would cause widespread panic, then maybe it’s better to downplay the severity and keep economies rolling. 

The reporting rate of new infections has gone down in the past several days, so maybe it can be contained after all. 

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9 minutes ago, EasterBunny said:

deaths/infected is about 2%.

Not accurate at all. Among those infected are critically ill people who could still die. 

If it takes a week to die from the infection
deaths / infections a week ago

since infections double every week
deaths / (infections / 2) = 4%

If it takes 2 weeks to die from the infection. 8%

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1 hour ago, blissann said:

I know I'm gonna get the Covid-19, it шs just a matter of time, I made my peace with that fact. Now I have established steps and protocols to avoid, for as long as possible, to catch the Covid-19. But since it's a fact it will happen anyway, what arrangements should I make to "survive it"..besides cleaning my apartment entirely, eat well, workout, drink lots of water, buy Advil and Tylenol, Cough medicine, Gatorade, CBD oils to manage anxiety and boost my immune system,  stock food, water, Lysol, bleach etc






All of them


And ammunition 

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Thanks for sharing this info. Nowadays it's important to take care of yourself. Just by maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can boost the immunity system. Stay active, eat balanced diet, and take vitamins. I usually buy all the meds online from Canada drugs direct.

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I will put again the Italian statistics from the official governmental health institution (Istituto Superiore di Sanità or ISS).

The link is here:  https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/sars-cov-2-decessi-italia

The report was updated last time on 16 December 2020 and all data refer to this day.

The number of casualties with positive covid test was 63.573


Average age is 80


85,7% of the victims (54494) had age above 70y.


On average the victims already suffered from 3,6 pre-existing diseases and 66,1% had 3 or more pre-existing diseases among the following list:  high blood pressure 66%, diabetes 29,2%, ischemic heart disease 27,9%, heart failure 16,3%, stroke (ictus) 11,6%, pulmonary disease 17,3%, kidney failure 21,1%, obesity 10,5%, cancer 17%, hepatopathy 4,8%, autoimmune diseases 4,4%, etc.




Of the 63573 deaths 737 occurred to people age below 50 and 190 to people age below 40

Of these 190, 130 suffered form serious pre-existing diseases, for 41 cases there is no history available and 19 had no diagnosticised pre-existing diseases.



So draw your conclusion.

I do not have place nor time for the German statistics, but I will only say that in Germany average age is 82, while life expectancy is 81. In italy Life expect. is 82,6.

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SO the conclusion I draw form these data, which represent a statistically very meaningful set are:

live in a healthy way: do not get fat, train your body (heart, lungs), do not smoke, do not drink much alcohol (not at all if possible),

if you are young you do not have much to worry but do not ignore that even young people can be ill if they get fat and drink much.

On 24th DEc 2020 my wife had suddenly nausea and vomit in the evening fever (37,4°C so not much). The day after all gone and she felt well. Never tested. I did not feel anything (I'm 51). We do not know if it was it, but if it was it it was very light.

My wife's brother had it in October. Never felt any symptom: he only stayed home for 10 days.

In January 2020 my parents (age 80 and 78) were both ill and had fever (39°), breathing problems vomit. Despite their age they did not need hospital and after 3 and 5 days had recovered. 


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precising "alcohol" though should be self evident
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