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Receiving micro-payments on my ripple adress, what is this?

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There are a few write ups on here somewhere.  Apparently they are sending ‘dust’ (tiny amounts of a crypto) into accounts.  In other coins it’s called a Dust Attack and targets the encryption but that technique doesn’t work on the XRP Ledger (it’s more secure) so they modified the technique.

In the XRP dust attacks they are trying to trick people into going to the bogus website they mention in the memo of the transaction.  They will try and steal your secret key on that site (by tricking you into typing it in to their site by appealing to greed) and then will drain the account.  Explorer sites like Bithomp are very decently obfuscating the web site name inside the memo to protect people.  Unfortunately the scammers can continue to create carbon copied sites with different names as fast as Bithomp (and the others) can protect them. 

If you just ignore it then you are perfectly safe and can forget about it.

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