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Sumitomo Mitsui (mega bank)Invests in SBI R3 and Money Tap Using Ripple Technology


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14 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:


Money Tap is currently funded by 33 banks. If they merge with SBI VC trade, they will be bank-based exchanges.

XRP will be more bankable if they run exchange.

this is only my imagination now.:lol: 



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13 minutes ago, Caracappa said:

What do they mean with that. To merge both the companies or the technology? 

Perhaps one day it will be more profitable to cash out in Yen

He stated like URL below


Please look page 136 of the PDF.



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I hope Money Tap does well. I'm afraid of it just being one more payment option available in Japan like suica, sugoca, line pay, bitpay, etc. I feel like Japan has too many silos and don't use one dominant system like other countries use visa and mastercard. Lets hope money tap can gain many contracts in all areas of Japan.

I thought Sumitomo, SBI were related companies?

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