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Over $ 90 Million XRP Has Been Moved Between Coincheck, Bitstamp, And Bithumb


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Over the past few hours, an astonishing amount of XRP has been moved between three major exchanges and one crypto wallet with an anonymous owner. Four transactions – 10 mln, 11.5 mln, 50 mln and 22 mln XRP.

Exchanges involved: Coincheck, Bitstamp, and Bithumb, as well as one anonymous crypto wallet.

As reported by the XRPL Monitor account on Twitter, over the past few hours, four transactions totaling almost 93,5 mln XRP have been performed on the XRP ledger. The largest one of them (49,999,994.9999 XPR) was confirmed by Whale Alert, which tracks only large crypto fund movements.

Read fulll: https://azcoinnews.com/over-90-million-xrp-has-been-moved-between-coincheck-bitstamp-and-bithumb.html

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