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XRP Against PHP, MXN And AUD Iquidity Attains New All-Time High And Price Could Soon Explode Higher By Over 100%


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New heights every day for the XRP as the recent data reaching us that the liquidity of XRP against Philippines Peso (PHP) on Coins.ph, Mexico Peso on Bitso, and Australian dollar just attained new all-time high with a very wide margin from the previously recorded all-time high.

This seems to be an indication that there has been an increase in the transaction of XRP against Philippines Peso (PHP) for a couple of days, which resulted in a 79% increase.

Liquidity Index Bot shared this, “Liquidity Index for Coins.ph XRP/PHP (28-day moving trend) .Day progress: 79%. Today so far: 1,973,579. All-Time High: 1,792,356.”

Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-against-php-mxn-and-aud-iquidity-attains-new-all-time-high-and-price-could-soon-explode-higher-by-over-100.html

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