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Payoneer Funding on Gatehub


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Would you guys accept fund via Payoneer? I think Payoneer will be excellent for gatehub and users while waiting for Gatehub to open an office in the US.  I have a feeling that  Gatehub can accept with USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY with Payoneer bank accounts, without opening the office in anywhere. 

If you can accept,  we can send the fund to your email address for funding via Payoneer or we can transfer money via local bank transfer to your Payoneer local virtual bank accounts. 

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And it looks like they only allow you to link to a payout company (like Airbnb).


Please note: You should only sign up if you are expecting to receive payments from our official mass payout companies or via the Global Payment Service.


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15 hours ago, Graine said:

As much as I would love it to be true, Payoneer ToS directly forbids any funding that comes from crypto. 

I have talked with Rep from Payoneer, they are okay with digital coin exchanges. 

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