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Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?

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I tend to agree with you. There's more going on here than what we, as 3rd party on-lookers, are privy to. Like you said, you don't get investors to pony up 200-million dollars via a Series C if they s

Somehow i get the feeling that we dont get told about everything and all the concerns floating around are making more sense when ripple executives are leaving 

Yeah he blocked me on twitter after I called him a beta male in response to his all male cuddle group. 

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There is not one single successful company I know that likes to lose good people.  And when people leave there are a host of reasons why....sometimes because the company no longer needs them, or wants them, or???  Sometimes the employee does not like the leadership,  or doesn't like the culture, or has a better opportunity.  

The good companies do all they can to keep A players, develop B players.....and replace C Players.

Based on the speculation for others on this XRPChat......they only see one potential option.....That these players are leaving on their own because the company @Ripple is a dying dead-end company.

This is the company that just secured $200M in funding and has a valuation of $10B (With a B).

Could Ripple crash and burn......yep....bigger companies have died.......but doing my own research.....I don't think so.

Do your own research and form your own opinion.

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Somewhere, someday, a bear will pop up with a cartoon image and try to tell us all their job was done and we’re near the finish line. 



Then a rational person will pop up and explain people don’t just leave or move companies because their “job” was “done”. It’s likely a case of set backs or them all seeing resistance ahead that’s not public. Many people join start ups, give it a go on potential, then leave after it comes apparent the vision couldn’t be fulfilled for whatever reason.  

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Dan Morgan is also on this list of employees that have departed...

But, family, why the negative outlooks?

I tend to lean on the more optimistic possibilities. Similar to how Morgan has ventured over to Plaid, which has now been acquired by VISA, it could be possible that these players are carrying the torch and helping to illuminate a broader landscape. They’ve left Ripple, but they continue to add to the Ripple Effect.

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