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Jed in Thailand?


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Despite confirmation earlier this week that Siam Commercial Bank is officially using Ripple - about the same time, Bangkok's "The Nation" newspaper published this article on a competitor claiming to have their own association with Moneygram.


A perusal of Lightnet's website shows Mr McCaleb as an Advisor to this company.  Any clue what's going on?


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2 hours ago, panmores said:

Interesting. CP Group is a huge conglomerate with their hands in every honey pot. They also run the country's 7-11 shops and have countless investments all over Asia.

SCB is way ahead, yet CP is a huge player and whatever they launch succeeds. So more power away from banks, more power to newcomers.

Hmmm, imagine 7-11s being a place you could RECEIVE money from abroad? I could see that working very well.  7-11s would hold more cash and overseas workers could send money home (via the local 7-11). 

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Will never use XLM, it uses the Velo Protocol which is built on the stellar network not the network itself.

Lightnet, a remittance provider company, is utilizing Velo Protocol to tackle an underbanked banking market worth $380bn market where it’s already starting off with a low-cost and convenient remittance payment solution for with 10m immigrant workers in South East Asia worth of $150bn.



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I'm a bit confused by lightnet dot systems and lightnet dot io websites

Especially lightnet dot systems website shows some app with some redflags to me:
- 'Get it on Google Play' icon links to app
- 'Available on the app store' icon link does not work (Apple is usually more secure/restricted)
- Spelling errors and weird stuff in charts
- Too many good promises imo

Regarding lightnet dot io team, i randomly checked a few names:
- "Trithip Sivakrishkul" no results
- "Athi Pisuthipun" not much
- Photo quality differences


I've seen cryptocoins set up multiple completely fake partner company websites and identities

Note I only checked it for a few minutes, do your own research

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5 minutes ago, 3GO3D said:

The one whose dumped 5 Billion Zerps on the market and is still doing so !!!   The man behind Stellar and it's Lumens. 

Speaking about stellar and lumens, what is your avatar suppose to be? A space mine? 

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