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New Predication Game for 2020, Lets keep this tradition going guys

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Looks like that @skyzo is winning in long run, as out of those three winers' prediction for Q2, his prediction is the closest so far. I hope he is wrong (see his idea about Q3, Q4)

Also if everything goes the same to end of month, @XRPiggy's predictions for Q1 and Q2 would have one of the least deviations.

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Here you go   

Q1:  $0.34 Q2:  $9,50 Q3:  $ 3,00 Q4:  $ 28,00 Yeah I'm bullish this year a lot will happen and it will go parabolic again in two steps.

Alright, sorry been pretty busy recently (funny as that could seem). Quarter 1 close on Bitstamp was $0.1732 so... The winner of Quarter 1 is KevClem. Close second by skyzo whose predic

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Quarter 2 close on Bitstamp was $0.17551 so...

The winner of Quarter 2 is susli @ $0.15

Close second by TheyLive whose prediction was just the next day.

Also skyzo, with a second appearance on the podium, whose prediction was only 3 days after TheyLive.



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Quarter 3 close on Bitstamp was $0.24179 so...

The winner of Quarter 3 is kiwi with the earliest prediction @ $0.24

Close second by ManBearPig whose same $0.24 prediction was the same day less than 3 hours later.

Third was ripplewaytogo, whose prediction was the original which started this thread, and was off by only $0.00821.



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