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New Predication Game for 2020, Lets keep this tradition going guys

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Here you go   

Alright, sorry been pretty busy recently (funny as that could seem). Quarter 1 close on Bitstamp was $0.1732 so... The winner of Quarter 1 is KevClem. Close second by skyzo whose predic

Q1 : 0.58 Q2 : 0.589  Q3 : 0.69                         ( regulatory clarity ) ( minimum 8 active corridor's )   Q4 : 5.89   

8 hours ago, zerocool said:

The BTC price “supposedly” already reflects the future halving (per the analysts). But what are analysts analyzing? Fundamentals don’t mean sh*t in a manipulated market.

However, I think fomo from the individual retail side as it relates to a reduced block reward (scarcity principle) and the general economic / world state (ie. overdue recession in the US), could have a positive price affect.

🤞 for breaking $1.00 sometime in 2020.

Well take a look at this chart:-

The price does seem to lift up after each halving.  Of course, past performance doesn't indicate future perfomance, but let's see.


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