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Polysign Custody solution


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Hi everyone, 

Does anyone know if Polysign custody of XRP will be for institutional investors only? Or, will it be for retail speculators as well? 

As the market matures, this seems like it is an essential part the DA space. People want security and insurance for their assets. Coinbase is fine, but i don't think it's enough. 

Last I heard, German banks would hold digital assets for customers starting this year. Is this true and if so is this still happening, and is anyone taking advantage of this? 

I do feel we are years away from significant changes in price action. That's just my opinion, and I hope I am wrong. Certainly, regulatory clarity will make the market move faster. 

Finally, if there is a severe economic slowdown, and Fiat currencies weaken as far as purchasing power due to inflation, I think digital assets may see positive price pressure because of investors allocating small percentages of investments in use case based DAs. 

Does anyone have more info on Polysign?

Thank you.

@nikb @JoelKatz

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Welcome to XRPchat @Wharton_2020 There's a lot of information available on Ripple, the XRP ledger and the eco system. You might use the search feature to find answers to specific questions and/or join various clubs. Please read the forum rules before posting.

Wrt Polysign, a visit to https://www.polysign.io/ shows that this organization targets "Institutional-grade custody for digital assets". Considering its modest size and the background of the founders and employees it seems logical that they don't target retail end-users directly.

On UBRI (University Blockchain Research Initiative) Connect 2019 it was revealed that Xpring has been investing/partnering in several organizations, among them Polysign. David mentioned that they are currently in stealth mode and he also said that he was very excited about it but couldn’t say anything (more).



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There's not much that is known publicly about Polysign other than what is provided via the company's website. This is because the details of what's being planned is still under wraps for now per David. It's my personal opinnion that we should be hearing something regarding the platform here shortly as the company has been in stealth mode for 3 years now. Below is a question David fielded from an audience member about Polysign.

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