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TPS removed from Market Performance page


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It would not surprise me if that's because people have all kinds of conspiracy theories about what a certain amount of TPS means. You can still check it live at livenet.xrpl.org or historically by querying the ledger or my BigQuery dataset.

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The TPS figure on occasion can be very misleading.  
First off,  what types of tran is it measuring?  Do you include Offer creates and offer cancels?  What about the IOU spam that was (is?) happening?

Say you decide to only measure payments.  If someone sends $100 dollars worth of XRP...   how was that sent?  As one transfer?  Or maybe as a stream of 1/100ths of a cent.  So if they streamed it...  did they burst the whole lot through in one ledger?  Or did it go over a twenty second period?

When someone is sending payments as part of their business...  say Acme Payments for instance...   do they batch their trans and send once every three minutes?  Or send each individually? Or stream them?

If you’ve stuck with me through all these questions you can see that a simplistic TPS figure can be very misleading with regard to the actual amount of value being transferred.  There certainly has been hyperbolic media reports at various points in the past when the figure spiked for one reason or another.

I’ve only ever been interested in that figure as an indicator of network capacity utilisation...  and it can be very misleading in that regard too.  :)  

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N.Bougalis commented on Twitter to the effect that it's a web design thing.  He has steered people to http://livenet.xrpl.org for more accurate report.  

(over my head here but I seem to recall an explanation that Ripple page pulls data sporadically, not the live stream like the above address, which also causing the occasional weird result?  Something like that <waves hands in air> )

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