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IPO leads to.....

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So curious of these plans within plans. with a 200m Round C there are so many options on the table.

There has been of course speculation in the past that most of the remaining escrowed xrp is already spoken for by banks that cannot legally hold it, also that maybe it will be given to the imf as esdr's , both very legitimate scenarios for Ripple now firmly valued at 10b. What about another option.... they ipo and then burn,, I dunno 25 or 35 billion xrp. What would that do to valuation of the digital currency?

No doubt their plans are something far more intricate, such a blunt thoughtless action doesn't suit a group of folks so intelligent and eloquent in their dealings. Sometimes though, the blunt action is the right action. 

No doubt we'll find out soon enough :-)



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4 hours ago, baggy23 said:

I am interested in this topic. why do you think they will burn tokens if they go public?

Just postulating, pondering....

Its not that I think they will so much as the the simple fact that is is now a huge option. There are other options (as mentioned), what is most interesting to me is the unfolding of their plan, so intriguing to watch. I said many years ago that this game was over and the other players didn't even know it... no doubt they still don't.

What would the impact be if 30 or so billion XRP were burned OR escrowed out to 10+ years... demand, marketcap, price,, etc.. Ripple is in an amazing position, the tokenization of the globe is at hand,,, derivative, smart contracts, micro payments, etc..the list is never ending. 





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You have to ask yourself what is that makes Ripple as a company valuable? Assets, Intellectual Property rights, people?

They sell software (Ripplenet and access to it), so they will make some money off that. Does the software alone value them at £10BN?


What makes Ripple valuable is XRP and its potential price.

If Ripple went down the IPO route and offered shares, it would be an option for investors to invest in XRP indirectly (i.e., holding shares in Ripple rather than holding XRP).

I don't see an IPO as a bad thing - there will be more people with a vested interest in increasing the value of XRP.

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