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The Comparison of XRP AND an Iphone: David Schwartz


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However, this resonates the statement which was made by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, claiming that only cryptocurrencies who had real use cases would be able to survive. At the same time, 99 per cent of all digital assets would eventually go to zero.

XRP is no doubt a dominant and emerging cryptocurrency which used for the facilitation of fast cross-border payments. However, comparing its disruptive power to an iPhone is also too far stretched. According to the critics, it is illegal security which serves the purpose of generating a revenue stream for the company.

Everyone knows that investing in any crypto is risky and they also understand that XRP's use case is to be used in a very disruptive new tech.  XRP's use case, if proved (which is happening in t he corridors where ODL is live), will validate the most disruptive technological revolutions since the launch of the world wide web, so I think comparing it to Iphone is hardly over hyping its potential as an investment opportunity.

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