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14 hours ago, Bettergoham said:

Out of all the bullshit timeline predictions and "this should be our year" hoopla, there has only been 1 timeline I give any credence to and it comes from Deloitte.


You can look up the video on youtube, just search "deloitte temenos ripple".  There is a cut down video of about 6 minutes where the gentleman covers their estimated timeline for blockchain usage back in 2016 and how they see this whole thing playing out.  He has basically been spot on, probably because he works for one of if not the largest consultancy groups in the world and has direct bank contacts.

He mentions the movements of assets across a blockchain around roughly 2021 and full adoption shortly thereafter.

"It's just like high school sex". didn't hear any time line after that comment. Did you? lol


Must be talking about this video:


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12 hours ago, bones said:

Please can provide a link to the said video? I can only find all sorts of other Temenos marketing stuff

It is a very rough time line but has aligned with what we are seeing in the world today.

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