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World War 3 On The Horizon: Bitcoin Market Cap Jumped About $8 Billion In Just A Few Hours, BTC Volume And Price Skyrocketed On LocalBitcoins

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As AZCoin News reported, the Bitcoin price increased significantly after the news that an American drone airstrikes Iran killed the top general Qassam Suleimani of the Middle East nation. Many commentators have quickly attributed the sudden increase in buying pressure as a way to find a fence in times of heightened political instability.

However, others have argued that it is likely that Bitcoin buyers are only speculating on developments in the Middle East will see a significant number of buyers turn to Bitcoin as a secure store of value.

One thing is for sure, the event has created a lot of political instability, exacerbating a tense situation between Iran and the United States.

The term “World War 3” and similar has tended to increase its presence on Twitter and Google since the news broke down.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley said Trump was “abusing power for political gain and now he is leading us to the brink of war because he believes it will help him to be re-elected.”


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